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What is the best Photo Printer – Expert Buying Guide


There are many business offices that rely on different electronic devices for enhanced productivity. Photo workshops and advertising firms use professional photo printers in order to obtain the very best of images, ideal for various project developments. There are many printers available on the market which deserves your attention and finding the right one is pretty difficult. How to find the best photo printer? Well, the answer to this question will come easily once you manage to read this professional buying guide, a technical glimpse on what to look for in a photo printer. It is vital for you to know exactly what are the primary features of a high quality photo printer in direct contrast with let’s say standard inkjets that bring to life poor quality documents. There are two main categories of photo printers: professional ones and nearly professionals.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Color -Monochrome Price Wired – Wireless Resolution Rating Where to buy

Canon PIXMA PRO-100

Color $$$$ Wireless 4800 x 2400 A+ AMAZON

Canon PIXMA MX922

Color $$ Wireless 9600 x 2400 A AMAZON

HP PhotoSmart 7520

Color $$$ Wireless up to 2400 B+ AMAZON

VuPoint IPP10VP

Color $$$ Wired 300 x 300 B+ AMAZON

Epson Expression XP800

Color $$$ Wireless up to 4800 B AMAZON


Time to learn how to pick out the best photo printer with professional features thus keeping the quality levels high! Professional photo printers can print out with precision photos, for presentations or simply family heirlooms that need to become precious memories. Such printers usually come with a limited paper size of 2 by 3, 4 by 6 and 5 by 7 inches, special categories of photo printing. The printers come with a small design, letting you carry it around from office to office. You have the possibility to use photo printers in order to enrich your portfolio and simply dedicate your inner creativity to a beautiful cause.

You will be able to print family portraits, landscapes, object shots or panorama without worrying about picture quality. Simply set out the size, color features, size and wait for the results. The wide range of printer models available on the market makes it pretty hard to pick out the ideal one, designed for your daily printing needs.


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How to find the best photo printer?


Well, we are going to find out more about what constitutes a professional photo printer and thus ease up the selection process.

A professional photo printer can help you obtain the quality you need while printing. Such a device should come with dedicated photo printing options and special functions for optimal results. The printer will have to present basic editing features such as cropping an image, remove redeye, greyscale, color reduction and many others. Furthermore in order to make the selection process easy and fast, a large touch screen should be present, for quick response. In addition to the elegant design, sufficient memory must be there for you will need it to store photos. Wireless printing is also an indication of professionalism since today everything is connected from a distance. Just imagine having the possibility to print directly from your smartphone or tablet with no problems whatsoever. Now, that’s quality printing to say the least.

Another important thing that your need to consider is price. The variety of photo printers comes with different prices, so you need to be concerned about finding the best deal. The best thing to do in such situations is to find a product and compare princes, make it like a quest. With a professional photo printer, with the right dimensions and the ideal printing features, you will have no problems in creating high quality photos any time you desire.

Now, that must’ve peaked your interest, no?


Top rated Photo Printers in 2014


Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Color professional photo printer


Today, a growing number of people invest in their photographic “arsenal” by selecting advanced instruments. According to some of the latest best photo printers reviews it seems you have the possibility to use with confidence Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Color professional printer, a model designed to print fast and easy. The device has 8 dye based inks which maintain amazing gradients and color, ideal to respect the photo’s realism. It also uses optimum image generating system which redefines colors, by selecting the perfect ink combination. The printer delivers 4800 x 2400 dpi, accompanied with FINE technology that maintains the details close to reality.

Finding the best photo printer was quite difficult, but once I installed PIXMA Pro-100 on my desk, things become a whole lot easier. This printer manages to print brilliantly different photos, keeping the colors and details intact. Since I started to use this photo printer my work registered a major boost, which means more money at the end of the month.” – Daniel Rose

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Canon PIXMA MX922 photo printer


Best Photo Printers ReviewsLaunched at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2013, the Canon PIXMA MX922 is one of the most versatile printers in the market. Its automatic two sided printing feature enables users to cut their paper use by half. Its wide range of features include high resolution photo printing, Wi-Fi printing, built in Ethernet for LAN network printing and the Auto Document Fix which automatically makes photos and documents clear during printing process. The features that best Canon photo printers reviews were excited about were the Google cloud print and Airprint features that allow it to print photos and documents directly from Android and Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod mobile devices.

“I looked to the best printers reviews to get myself a very good photo printer and after reading them I got he Canon MX922. Its Wi-Fi presents so many different opportunities and after using it for some time now, I recommend it because it is surely one of the best photo printers.” – Frank Moore

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HP PhotoSmart 7520 photo printer


Top rated Photo Printers in 2014This multi-purpose inkjet is the best offering yet from the impressive HP PhotoSmart range. Although it is marketed as a photo printer, the HP PhotoSmart 7520 handles document printing very well. It has 2 paper trays, one for photo paper and one for ordinary printing paper which is convenient for home and office users who do both photo printing and document printing. It comes Wi-Fi ready for wireless connectivity. Its email function, which allows users to email documents and photos from their computers or mobile devices directly to the printer for printing, makes it one of the top rated photo printers in 2014.

“When I see the quality of the pictures that come out of this HP photo printer I know I have made an excellent choice. But I am also satisfied with its normal printer role which is not to be neglected. Based on its performances I recommend it as a quality choice.” – Mark Edwards

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VuPoint IPP10VP photo printer


Interestingly sold under three names: VuPoint IP-P10-VP, Bolle BP-10 and MiLi Photo printer; the VuPoint IP-P10-VP is the first of its kind dedicated iPhone and iPod photo printer. It comes with an inbuilt iPhone and iPod plug in dock. The printer also supports the iPad but a separate cable is required. Its small size has given it yet another nickname, the photo cube. It is much cheaper than the ordinary multipurpose printers because it specializes on photo printing only. The VuPoint IP-P10-VP prints on 4’ × 6’ photo paper. It offers very good resolutions on photos and is a perfect for the customer who only needs photo printing.

“I needed a solid photo printer which could deliver me some excellent quality photos fast. I found the perfect one in the little device that is VuPoint IPP10VP. It prints photos perfectly and doesn’t take up too much space on my desk, I couldn’t ask for more.” – Eddy Cooper

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Epson Expression XP800 photo printer


One of the best photo printers reviews in 2014 termed the Epson XP 480 as a ‘sleek multipurpose printer that delivers stunning photos and sharp texts’. The Epson xp-8oo comes in a sleek design with a 3.5 inch intuitive touch screen with easy to use icons. It has a printing speed of up to 11 pages per minute when printing color photographs; no other printer in its class even comes close to that speed. One of its more unique features is a CD/DVD tray provided for printing on disks. It also has slots for several types of memory cards in addition to the traditional USB ports.

“Its impressive list of features were the deciding factors which persuaded me to purchase it. The best thing about it in my opinion is the fact that it manages to print on CD or DVDs as well. The connectivity options are also impressive making it a top photo printer for sure.” – Andy Walters

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Pandigital PANPRINT01 photo printer


Straight from its title, one can immediately see what sets the Panadigital PANPRINT01 apart from the competition: it uses no ink! But how is that possible? According to the best photo printers reviews in 2014, it uses the patented ZINK Zero Ink technology for inkless printing. The Pandigital PANPRINT01 allows you to print regular 4’×6’ photos on the go. Its small size and light weight (5.3 pounds) means you can carry it around with you. It offers USB connectivity. The fact that one can immediately print pictures from wherever there is a power source gives the Pandigital PANPRINT01 a sense of spontaneity that reminds users nostalgically of the old Polaroid cameras that we all loved.

“This photo printer is perfect for travels, because of its compact size and this is precisely why I bought it. A power source is all that I need in order to make this printer work and give me the photos that I want. Another great thing about is its affordable price.” – John Frick

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